The easiest way to track hotel room pricing

Robust functionality & actionable insights

  • 90 days of rate shopping for up to 3 competitors
  • Pricing detail at both the property and room type level
  • Alerts to constantly inform you of competitor changes
  • Historical pricing to understand competitor yield strategies over time

Save time

No need to spend time looking up rates. Instead, get them all in one place when you need them or to your inbox each morning.

Save money

With Revalytics, there's no need to subscribe to expensive 3rd party industry reports. It's all here, fast and free.

Revalytics is great for a wide variety of users

Are you involved with maximizing hotel revenue? If so, you need to be using Revalytics. Revenue and executive management teams, financial planning and analysis users, asset managers, and owners are all here.

Revalytics is not a traditional revenue management tool

Our goal - to expose the data we know you need, every day, for free, and in a great looking dashboard. If in the process we can make your life a little easier and make your company a bit more money, that's great too.